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Windscreen Repair

Why replace your windscreen if it is repairable?

Technical repair windscreen


Save time and money ...

Your windscreen has a chip or an impact: it is fragile ... Do not wait!

The windscreen glued (95% of cases) contributes to the rigidity of your vehicle. It also suffers the constraints:
  • Mechanical, Crash, an abrupt shift to a retarder, which can cause breakage of the windscreen.

  • Heat, where heat shock, prolonged exposure to the sun, start the air conditioning or heating, exposure to cold, frost, hoarfrost. In these cases, cracks require the exchange of the glass.

Please free to appraise yourwindscreen in one of our centers.
No appointment, a technician will diagnose the type of impact and you will promote the repair if the impact is technically repairable.

In this case, the amount of compensation is not supported by your insurer deductible under the broken windows (following the contract terms).

No prolonged immobilization. In Interparebrise repair is done immediately and without an appointment. The duration of response varies depending on the impact but not more than 60mins. If the vehicle is immobilized, Interparebrise offers free replacement vehicle.

The repair will be carried out in accordance with the recommendation of the SRA (Safety and Repair Automobile) in March 2005.

It can be done on the entire surface of the glass, with the exception of the area of vision.

Interparebrise has developed a very specific technology repair using resins adapted to the evolution of glass and PVB up the windshield.

This technology gives us an exceptional rate of repair by restoring the glass transparency and solidity.

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